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The Dance of Belonging 2015

About the Conference:      October 6, 2015 5:30pm-8:30pm 

The “Dance of Belonging” uses evocative scenes from over 15 videos to compare how we used to think about Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia to how we are learning to see them today—and the extreme difference this new awareness makes in the lives of those who are living with dementia, and for those who assist them. This dynamic presentation will reach you at an emotive level, both challenging and changing your  perceptions of dementia—and of what persons with dementia are able to be and do if given the right atmosphere and the right tools of expression.  Central to this presentation is the concept of “belonging” - being connected - which is crucial both to one’s understanding of dementia, and to preserving the well-being of persons who are living with it. The presentation uses several video clips to show firsthand how thinking differently about dementia will lead to new ways of enriching the lives of those who have a dementia disability. Mr. Vanden Bosch uses examples of music, art, and story-telling to demonstrate new avenues of engagement and expression that enable persons living with dementia to communicate and remain connected with others, their environment, and themselves. 2.5 CEUs- see registration form.

The Presenter: Jim Vanden Bosch

 Jim is the founder and Executive Director of Terra Nova Films, a not-for-profit entity that has produced multiple award-winning films on a variety of aging-related issues, including several videos on best practices in communicating and working with persons who have dementia. Taking what he has learned in the production of these videos, and combining it with up-to-date research and clips from other insightful videos, Mr. Vanden Bosch has pulled together a unique tapestry of visual learning that reaches where ordinary “talks” cannot go.

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